It’s really very exciting to see how stuff evolves. Primitive hobbies are moulding with the times and bringing something new to the table every time. The same goes for knitting – a pass-time hobby reserved for our grandmas as they sat by the warm fire and stitched away on their rocking chairs, creating those itchy sweaters we dreaded for Christmas. But many millennials are also picking up the hobby now, as it allows for moving our hands and using our heads, without having to stare at a lit screen. The great thing about knitting is that now it has stretched its branches (pun intended) to stay environmentally friendly and use nature’s themes as well as part of patterns in the making of some of the most creative wearable work you will ever see.

Leading this evolution is Alana Dakos. Previously known for her popular blog,, she has brought to life knitting stitches using leaf, twig, buds, blooms, willows, entangled vines, forest floor – and so many other exciting patterns. In fact, her work includes taking inspiration from the foliage and imbibing them into beanies, sweaters, shawls, gloves and any other clothing item you can imagine enrobing yourself all year round.

Her work has been expanded into two books – Botanical Knits and Botanical Knits 2. They contain some beautiful images from the works of the hands of Alana Dakos. Be sure to check out her website for a whole lot of information on the stuff she so spectacularly does. You can even go and see her handicraft, purchase her items and learn more about the craft from the exhibitions she has around the country.

It’s always refreshing to see that there people looking to not only expand their craft but enhance it and spread the love. Be sure to endorse Alana Dakos and the fabulous work she does.